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Kepada pengemar-pengemar YAESU sahaja.. kat sini dah masuk,... saya tak pasti..

The FT-250R 2 Meter handheld transceiver features a compact design with a top mounted LCD display. This model transmits from 144 to 148 MHz with up to 5 watts. Receive range is 136-174 MHz. Direct frequency entry is supported. You get both CTCSS and DCS encode/decode. The keypad is backlit. The supply voltage is 6 to 16 VDC. The FT-250R has 209 memories and 16 keys. Manufactured to Mil-Spec 810D/E. The FT-250R is similar to the VX-150, but adds a Memory Only mode, and has more audio output. Includes the SMA flex antenna, FNB-83 NiMH 7V 1400mAH Battery, VAC-10B charger and belt-clip. Now available.

The Yaesu FT-7900R dual bander operates on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. High power output is featured with 50 watts on 2 meters and 45 watts on 430 MHz. CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode is built in. Over 1000 memories are available. It is WIRES compatible. The FT-7900R well designed front panel provides simple, safe operation. The FT-7900R is ideal for the amateur who does not require cross-band repeat as found on the FT-8800R and FT-8900R. The FT-7900R has excellent receive range covering 108 to 520 and 700-990 MHz (less cellular). Operating this radio is very simple and straight forward, and you may program it to your operational preferences via a menu system. The FT-7900R features Yaesu's ARTS™ Auto-Range Transponder System, important in search-and-rescue applications. ARTS provides a "hand-shake" with other ARTS equipped transceivers and displays out of range or in range. A six character CW ID is also provided for your station every ten minutes during ARTS operation. The FT-7900R is similar to the FT-7800R, but adds a Memory Only mode and provides 5 watts more on 440.

Kepada pengemar-pengemar Icom Pula sahaja.

The Icom IC-80AD is a rugged dualband 2 meter/440 HT with D-STAR built-in! Power output is up to 5 watts on each band. Four power levels are available: 5, 2.5, 0.5 or 0.1 watts. The controls are easy to use. Multiple scanning modes are supported. You get 1052 memory channels in 26 banks, with 8 character channel names. CTCSS/DTCS tone encode/decode is standard. Weather receive with weather alert is supported. A large, informative back-lit display is featured. This radio comes with SMA antenna, MB-107 belt clip, BP-217 lithium ion battery, BC-167A charger and wrist strap. Free CS/80/880 programming software is available from the Icom website. The IC-80AD is shown left with optional HM-189GPS speaker mic.

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